On every single order, we guarantee:

You'll get best price ,if you find a lower catalog price elsewhere ,and you’ve purchased from us within the last 30 days, we’ll gladly match that pricing.
Dedicated Service Person.we assign one and only one service representative to your account. From your first call or e-mail to your order’s arrival at your door, you’ll have the same charming, knowledgeable person keeping you updated and standing by for your questions.

You will receive the correct item.
Your items will have the correct imprint.
Your order will ship to arrive on time.In rare instances, we may actually ship the item after the intended ship date by a faster shipping method in order to meet the intended receipt date. The additional cost for this will be at our expense

With us guarantee you'll get peace of mind knowing that experienced professionals are carefully managing the details and logistics of your order, every step of the way.

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