MP3 Record Watch

MP3 Record Watch


Model No.:CWSG52379

Price Terms: FOB or EXW

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Payment Terms:L/C,D/A,D/P,T/T,Western Union,MoneyGram,Paypal

Product Origin: Shenzhen,China

Brand: CWSGift or OEM/ODM

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Product Detailed Description

A charge

Local power can be recharged through the usb charger or charge for the first time, please use the charge and discharge three times in a row to extend battery life, the right to connect a good, long bright blue light, and green power that has been sufficient at this time, please Stop charging (complete with about 6 hours).

Second indicator status:

Startup and shutdown, the second blue-green lantern flickering cycle.

Always mp3 for the blue light stopped play for the flash, the flash is slow to suspend;

To pay for the green light flash is recording, green and blue light at the same time, and Shou-liang is to suspend its survival, blue lights flash audio player

Charge, the charge under a long-blue light, full of light green. Always blue light for charging and USB connections, even when the computer blue lights flash for data transmission.




Three operation

Reset manually: Death may be at the same time and hold down the reset

Startup / Shutdown

Boot: short button, the flashing blue light green, light blue Always into the MP3 / stop recording state

Shutdown: stop in the state, the long green button to close the blue flashing led power.



Four recording mode
In the MP3 player, according to a long REC keys can be recorded into the state.
Note: when recording in order to ensure high-quality audio effects, do will watchcase to the "USB lid" open.

Always stop in the blue light condition, a REC button by short, blue-green light at the same time as the suspension of state in the short recording time by REC button flashes the green light to start recording.

In the recording process, according to a short key, the green light blue light at the same time as recording suspended state. Button again to resume recording.

Recording process, according to a short-REC button, the green light blue light at the same time as recording suspended state. And then a key player recording




Play MP3 files / audio files

Play MP3 music files: Always start after the blue light conditions, according to a short key, MP3 player into the music player, and 6 o'clock position flashing blue light.

Audio playback: Always start after the blue light conditions, according to the EQ key short, blue-green light at the same time, and then a key player into the recording, and the 6 o'clock position flashing blue light

Suspended: play in the state, according to a short key players suspended players,

Next song choice



Music player, according to a key short, the player was playing on a song; short by one key player is the next song.

5, to adjust the volume
Music, long button, the player's volume will be increased; long is key to reduce the volume.

6. Memory
After a normal shutdown, MP3 players will remember the current volume and audio playback mode and the current repertoire, when the boot again after a normal shutdown can be broadcast before the pieces and keep the size of the volume.

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Imprint Colors

Standard Silk-Screen Colors


$40.00(G) per color, per side. $25.00(G) on re-orders.

Multi-color Imprint

Add .20(G) per extra color, per side, per piece. (2 Color Maximum) Second Side Imprint: Add .20(G) per color, per piece.

You can send CWSGift your logo or give us instructions about your imprint by simply replying to the enquriy or quotation email.

You should receive a free virtual art proof for your approval before production.

You can ask a real sample with logo before production too

Imprint Artwork

We accept high-quality laser prints, or digital art on CDs or by e-mail. For faster serviceand better imprint quality, we recommend providing artwork via e-mail. Artwork shouldnot need any additional touch-up, design, color separation or rearranging for use.

The use of licensed artwork requires a written release. Artwork when submitted isassumed to be in full compliance with laws governing copyrights, trademarks, etc.We are not responsible for typographical errors incorporated into submitted artwork.Factory reserves the right to make slight alterations in copy and logos to adapt to imprinting processes.

Please Note: CWSGift reserves the right not to print any logo or message that isdeemed inappropriate.

QR Codes: QR codes are most readable when printed on flat surfaces using a highcontrastimprint [such as a white imprint on dark surfaces or a black imprint on lightsurfaces]. QR codes may not be readable when printed on coarse-weave materials orcurved surfaces. For the best results, the QR code should be black with a white border.A pre-production proof is recommended to test the functionality of the code.CWSGift is not responsible for the quality, accuracy or usefulness of QR codeoperations or content. CWSGift does not police or endorse any QR code content.

Electronic Artwork

Artwork will be accepted digitally from the following programs:
  • Adobe Illustrator® (all fonts converted to outlines)—preferred format
  • Photoshop® (black-and-white .tiff, .pict, .jpeg files scanned or created at 1200 DPI[high resolution] and at approximately the actual size of the imprint area)
  • FreeHand® (saved as an Adobe Illustrator® ".ai" format, Mac or PC)
  • InDesign® files must be sent with the linked file. A linked file may include .eps, .pict,.tiff or .jpeg file formats
  • CorelDraw® (Use Publish PDF)

Vector Art

We recommend using vector art because it produces the highest quality artwork.It is "resolution independent," which means it can be enlarged without affecting the quality of your imprint.

Hard-Copy Artwork

If electronic art is not available, please provide sharp, high-contrast, color-separated or black-and-white artwork. Artwork will be returned upon request or it will be discarded.

E-mail Artwork

Artwork should be submitted within 24 hours of sending the order.Please include purchase order number in the subject line of the e-mail. Multiple files should be compressed in .zip or .rar format. File size limitation via e-mail is 10MB.

One year Product Guarantee.

CWSGift will honor its return policy for any product that it determines does not meet its standards for quality and workmanship.

CWSGift are committed to working with our vendors and employees to incorporate environmentally friendly business practices into our daily operations. These measures benefit our local communities, states and society at large.

We will continue to identify and act on opportunities to minimize our impact on the environment.

Pre Order Processing: 3 days

Production 20 days (begins after art prep, proof approval)

Shipping by Express 3 to 6 days

by sea 20 to 30 days

Packaging:Bulk packed or according to your requirement,Special packaging may incur additional production time.

Production Terms & Conditions

Production does not begin until ALL the following requirements have been met:

  • Order Approval
  • Proof Approval
  • Deposit Payment